Modifications & Conversions

Extensive experience of carrying out modifications

Modifications and conversions


We can carry out any type of work required to modify or convert a vehicle for a different use, or to enhance the scope of operating.


We have completed several conversion projects which involved installing new interiors, kitchens, toilets and even workshops. Additionally, we have constructed generator rooms, installed generators and electric power systems, as well as diesel fuel, water, and air brake systems.


We have extensive experience of carrying out modifications, including:

Bullet Pointfitting new vacuum and air brake systems
Bullet Pointinstallation of new lighting and steam heat systems
Bullet Pointre-bogie and modify brakes
Bullet Pointinstallation of kitchens and new toilets
Inside of Carriage - Rampart Engineering
Finished Interior - Rampart Engineering
Carriage Strip Down - Rampart Engineering

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