Overhauls & Refurbishment

Comprehensive range of bespoke parts available

Overhauls and refurbishment

Our workshop is equipped to undertake a wide range of work to maintain and enhance the condition of all types of rail vehicles. We have extensive experience and skills in all disciplines, and with a comprehensive range of bespoke parts available we are able to complete vehicles within a short time span, whilst producing a robust, quality finish.


Overhaul work includes:

Bullet Point wheelsets and bogies
Bullet Point brake equipment
Bullet Point buffers, drawgear and gangways
Bullet Point doors and door locks
Bullet Point bodies and windows


We have a comprehensive process to remove build-up of corrosion within the body structure of a vehicle. Coaches with corrosion or damage to the body sheeting are repaired by new welded sections being added. This includes the fabrication of required body frame work.


Refurbishment involves the interiors of coaches, and includes:

Bullet Point re-trimming of seats
Bullet Point fitting new flooring/carpets
Bullet Point redesign and rebuild of interior layout
Train overhaul - Rampart Engineering

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